Taste of the Vine

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The Gourmet Gauntlet™ The Gourmet Gauntlet™

What's it all about?

A classic Taste of the Vine blend of comedy, participation, improvisation and useful information!

Really pleased with the event. The guests and their partners gelled very well and you had them laughing from the off.

In a fun introduction, our hosts turn guests into gourmands with a range of useful tasting skills. They put these into practice with a range of unidentified cheeses, olives and chocolates, using a cunning formula that guarantees an enthralled audience!

The Cheese Identity Parade: spotting the fakes.

How big is your cheese? With Stilton, size matters!

Marvellous Marinades: olive tasting challenge.

The Cocoa Conundrum: the chocoholic's favourite.

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