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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you stage your events?

A. Anywhere! In company board rooms, speciality venues, conference locations, hotels and restaurants. We regularly work with a selection of venues, although we are often brought to a location of choice.

Q. What type of event does your entertainment suit?

A. We have a range of formats suitable for different groups. We regularly provide entertainment for: client hospitality events, networking, PR occasions, conference activities, corporate fun days, staff motivation evenings and exhibitions.

Q. How do your tastings, shows and challenges run?

A. They are either organised as interactive shows, with guests seated around tables, often tasting in teams to encourage interaction, or we prepare the entertainment to suit a standing reception. They can be staged during an afternoon, pre-dinner, during dinner or after dinner; though rarely at breakfast!

Q. Do you only work in the UK?

A. No. We are often brought in for client and conference events overseas. We simply prepare our formats with drinks and equipment at the location, avoiding equipment transportation charges.

Q. Do venues mind you bringing your own wine?

A. Often they don't. We recommend that all drinking wines come from the venue, so your tasting wines often don't attract corkage. Alternatively, we are happy to use a venue's wine for the event and reduce our fee accordingly. We provide the staff to pour, and the glasses used, so we need not inconvenience the venue.

Q. Do you organise everything for the event, including a venue and catering?

A. Our service is flexible. We are happy to organise the entire event, including all sundry items. Alternatively, if you have preferred locations, caterers and an existing format, we are delighted to provide entertainment only.

Our team of experts are led by Francis and Richard. Both have a deep understanding of their subjects, but they are aware that entertainment stems from engaging the audience. Since 1997, their event formats have evolved into a highly polished blend of information, interaction and humour.


The company as a whole is passionate too... passionate about service. This of course is highly self-serving, as we realise we don't have to spend time chasing new clients if our old ones just keep coming back!


We tailor the event format to ensure success and great feedback for you; whether you are networking, entertaining clients, building teams or engaging the press.


Where do we do what we do? Everywhere! Wherever you take us or allow us to recommend. Click on venues for some suggestions.


Are you new to Taste of the Vine? A few unsolicited client comments will assure you that you're in good company and our FAQ section (left) may answer your queries.