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  • Albanian Shakedown

    Posted in A Taste of the Future - travels to emerging wine regions on Apr 07, 2017.

    I shuffled to one side, the aim of the policeman’s holstered pistol a little too close to my foot for comfort. He pushed his mirrored sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose. I caught my reflection. Four days trekking in Montenegro’s Crmnica Mountains had me looking as far from an Albanian male, clean shaven and close shorn, as Grizzly Adams after a spell in a tumble dryer.

    ‘So, what brings you to Albania?’ the policeman said.

    ‘I’m looking for wines to import into the UK,’ I said, stretching the truth to a point that would make a politician blush; the few cases we’d be using at tastings were...

  • Georgian Mildred

    Posted in A Taste of the Future - travels to emerging wine regions on Sep 24, 2016.

    Powder snow crunched underfoot. I edged around the corner of the old winery; isolated in the high Caucasus, not far from the Russian border. Clammy sweat traced my spine despite the freezing temperature. I tried to suppress my breath, lest it give me away and spook my quarry. There he was. George. He hadn’t seen me, his eye-line beneath his collar. I took my opportunity, maybe the last I’d get before the Georgians bundled him into the coach and away to safety. My index finger hovered. I took the shot. Calm and clean, but it would be some moments before I could tell if I’d hit the mark.

    I had l...

  • Straying in Lebanon

    Posted in A Taste of the Future - travels to emerging wine regions on Aug 03, 2015.

    The battered Toyota minibus skidded to a halt beside me, dust billowing in the late afternoon heat. Three Hezbollah soldiers spilled from its rear door and ran towards me.

    This I found somewhat unnerving, having spent my flight to Lebanon reading about the country’s turbulent political history. I had wondered how being English might affect my standing with the Sunni, Shia, Druze, Alawi and Marionite factions and whether I should ally myself to the Phalangist or Palestinian cause. In the end I had decided to do what came naturally and plead ignorance. Anyhow, I had nothing to worry about, accor...

  • Hungarian Rot

    Posted in A Taste of the Future - travels to emerging wine regions on Nov 17, 2014.

    We had encountered little since the motorway’s end on our journey east from Budapest, the roads eerily silent save for an occasional cart emerging through the mist. As we rounded a corner a few miles from our intended destination I swerved sharply and applied the brakes: the road now no longer emerged from the mist, but in its place was a river, glasslike and wide beyond sight. As we traced an alternative route on our map (which had been drawn up some degree of artistic licence) we noticed the glow of a cigarette appear and recede through the fog above the water, shortly outlined by the shape ...

  • Tunisian Glamour

    Posted in A Taste of the Future - travels to emerging wine regions on Aug 14, 2008.

    ‘This is magnifique,’ declared Samia, as she passed me a glass of inky purple liquid. My normal reaction to such a statement is to look for the contrary viewpoint, but I knew that I’d need to gather my nerve before challenging her.

    I was at Domaine Neferis, a wine estate nestled in a mountainous amphitheatre near Tunis. The estate’s villa, with its warm sandstone walls and red clay tiles, looked to have been plucked from a Tuscan landscape. The figure that had approached us down the villa steps gave the theme further impact: the large dark sunglasses and neat denim were those of an Italian st...

  • The Paternal Moroccan

    Posted in A Taste of the Future - travels to emerging wine regions on Feb 14, 2008.

    “Dr Gimblett I presume?”

    Leaning against my Land Rover in a somewhat diminished state (brought on by a bout of dysentery) it took some moments to recognise this as humorous reference to British exploration. I suppose my mode of dress that morning hadn’t been selected with assimilation into Islamic culture in mind - khaki shorts and Panama hats not something I’d encountered a great deal of in Morocco. Jean Pierre, my host for the morning’s winery visit, looked expectantly as I sought for a response. My response, which whilst not witty, or indeed technically true, indicated he had the right man…

  • The Maltese Fixer

    Posted in A Taste of the Future - travels to emerging wine regions on Jul 20, 2005.

    “I am responsible for buying ninety eight percent of Malta’s false boobies”, our host proudly announced.

    I barely had time to consider how one of Malta’s top destination management operatives had time to become so successful in the medical import arena, when he continued to say that as a surgeon he was also occasionally responsible for more than just their import. I raised my eyebrows high enough to convey adequate wonderment, though could find no more appropriate comment than to ask what percentage of the aforementioned were fake in Malta. To this he simply gave a knowing look and zipped his...