Taste of the Vine

Live and online tasting events   •   24 years, 4130 events, 49 countries


ONLINE: We have tailored many of our formats to suit an online environment. Please see the Cheese and Wine Masterclass and Challenge for more.

LIVE: All of the formats can be staged as a seated show or a standing reception and the level of interaction can also be tailored. For example you may require the activity to be a part of an event rather than the main feature.

Taste of the Vine formats have been crafted from a deep base of subject knowledge. However, unlike many tasting based events, they are not lectures, sales pitches or guessing games reliant on guests' prior knowledge. They are a blend of tasting, interactive theatre, comedy and skill development.

The Entertaining Cheesemakers - Artisan Cheese and Drink Challenge

Run in conjunction with Gimblett Cheese (Surrey cheesemakers and our sister company), The Artisan Cheese and Drink Challenge combines the finest local (to your event) artisan: cheeses, wines, ales, ciders and gins (or a selection of your choice), with interaction, humour and fun.

Beer - Taste of the Hop™ - A taste of London

New for 2016: An interactive tasting tour of London's finest micro-breweries.

Beer - Taste of the Hop™ - British Real Ale

An interactive tasting and challenge, with the finest of Britain's new breweries.

Beer - Taste of the Hop™ - International

An engaging tasting and challenge, which showcases the world’s finest beers.

A Taste of Britain™

An interactive tasting of fine English wine, Welsh Ale and Scottish Whiskies.