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Francis Gimblett

Francis’s Projects

Who is Francis?

Francis has been passionate about wine since his late teens and a spell as a trainee manager at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. There he found a love for the subject and became a sommelier. A promotion to head sommelier followed nine months later, only a year after he was legally entitled to drink. Eager to experience more, he moved to London, where he worked for a fine wine and whisky importer. After four years, which included many tastings, travel and exams, it was time for a sabbatical and he left the country to try his hand at winemaking.

After completing harvests in Australia, New Zealand, California and Romania, he returned to London. His experiences led him to prepare training courses for the hotel and restaurant industry and many of the formats have evolved into wine tasting shows for Taste of the Vine, which Francis started with his wife Pam in 1997.

Now, along with Pam, Rich and Peter, he hosts wine, gin, whisky, real-ale and cheese events.

When not entertaining audiences, Francis can be found writing books and contributing to his Wine Navigator® project. He is also a frequent contributor of articles to trade publications, attends Master of Wine tastings, and is on the tasting panel at Decanter Magazine. See www.francisgimblett.com for more.

Francis also runs Gimblett Cheese with his wife Pam. Gimblett Cheese serves a local market as well as Taste of the Vine events.