Taste of the Vine

Live and online tasting events   •   24 years, 4130 events, 49 countries

Pam Gimblett

Who is Pam?

Position: Co-owner, cocktail mixologist, cheesemaking presenter, accountant, event manager and cheesemaker for Gimblett Cheese (to name a few roles).

The backbone of Taste of the Vine team. Beyond presenting, Pam's efforts allow the team to focus on entertaining their audiences, safe with the knowledge that logistics are effortlessly taken care of.

Pam founded the company with Francis in 1997. From the first event she has been responsible for ensuring that all equipment and wines reach each event in perfect condition.

Her wine knowledge, a feature she plays down, is a match for many in the industry, having visited most of the classical wine regions, as well as many more obscure ones. She also worked a harvest at Frankland Estate with Francis in Western Australia in the early ‘90s.

She delights in creating new cocktails for client events, as well as presenting them, particularly at the company's new Gin Tasting and Gin Cocktail Challenge.

Her great passion is cheese however, a love that has found an outlet in Gimblett Cheese, Pam and Francis’ new cheese making venture .

Gimblett Cheese